Artemisia Fire Gathering

Anche quest’anno, come l’anno scorso, faremo parte del team di Artemisia Fire Gathering!

artemisia - Artemisia Fire GatheringARTEMISIA

Artemisia is a gathering of fire performers and flow artists held in Italy, open to everybody.
Our goal is to unite the energies of the growing fire and flow arts community and channel them in one beautiful event.

It’s a convention where to learn, share and grow beyond our limits, a music event for party lovers and a playground to play with fire, lots of fire.
There will be many workshops and shows with international masters in flow arts, circus, juggling and aerials, but the main attraction of the gathering is the fire space, a staged playground where to play safely with fire from dusk till dawn. Fuel is on us.

We believe that sharing our passions, growing beyond our limits, and playing our optimum edge can change the world, so join us in this adventure!


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